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CMD368 is a digital sports betting platform with all the current trends and news in the sports industry. The website covers a broad array of globally famous online games including: LOL, King of Glory, DOTA 2, and Call of Duty (mobile version).

S9WIN is a handy platform of CMD368 where players can place their bets on the latest sport events globally. Thanks to the “best odds” feature, players don’t have to look elsewhere to bet for their chosen teams. CMD368 mobile also appeals to the preferences of Asian players by making sure they receive the most current updates in the gaming field. The whole website guarantees that Asian players get the best odds every time.

What is CMD368?

CMD368 is a famous digital betting platform in Singapore and other Asian countries. Fans and betters of esports love it simply because it offers a wide range of odds and several deals and bonuses.

By considering the needs of the gamblers, CMD368 offers a fully engaging platform that hosts the hottest games on the web. Thanks to its professional and courteous customer service agents, the platform will offer you the attention that you deserve. CMD368 is also a trusted and reliable platform that offers fast and secure withdrawal services. With a robust team of 200+ employees, the platform will be at your hands anytime you wish, 24/7. You may contact them through phone, skype or live chat for any comment, question or query. Making sure that every single user is satisfied with the service is their biggest aim. 

CMD368 SportsBook

The sportsbook of CMD368 is among their top-tier expertises. An established betting platform, it’s pretty straightforward. The sportsbook has just 3 subcategories: sports, e-sports, and virtual sports. The platform also lends its sportsbook to online casinos. There is also an Asian Handicap category with live bets and display of results. Additionally, players can freely personalize the appearance to their liking. 

The wide range of choices can literally overwhelm you. There are several kinds of sports one can wager on, but we chose to focus on football and basketball as these are the sports singaporean players know better. Heading on to the e-sports section, we can see famous online video game titles such as LOD, DOTA2, and King of Glory. If you don’t have much time, you may head straight to the virtual sports ear for a fast bet. There you may choose from football, tennis, basketball, horse and greyhound racing bets. All these are screened live and thus you can watch them in real-time and get instant outcomes.

CMD368 Casino

Flawless operation and reliability are two of the main considerations concerning a live casino. CMD368 mobile has teamed up with other parties to ensure players keep on playing and enjoying their games for several hours. There are many casino choices available for the player to choose from.

Playing baccarat is not just another boring task, thanks to our gaming buddies. If you choose to go for our casino online, don’t hesitate to engage with the pretty in-house anchors for a truly memorable gaming experience. Gone are the days where baccarat used to be a boring game. Who doesn’t like interacting with beautiful dealers? This keeps the interest high and our luck somehow raises too. It’s just so tempting and fun to watch all these attractive bikini dealers. It may be a tad distracting, but we still manage to win some hands.

Lottery (Keno)

There are bet forms:big-small-odd-even,etc. The results are according to the outcomes of lottery winning spots across the world and they may differ in price, from one country to another.

Top Bet Types

From the most usual to the most famous, we have them all here. Our best and most popular bet types include Over &Under, Asian Handicaps, Correct Score, Odd Even, Mix Parlay, and SOB (special outright betting).

Why is CMD368 Increasing In Popularity in Singapore?

Launched just a year before, CMD368 mobile opened its doors with the goal to meet the wishes and needs of Singaporean players who wanted a flexible and feature-rich betting platform. It managed to build a solid reputation as a premium bookmaker in Singapore. Due to tha gaps and differences with the sports gaming system in Western countries, there was a growing demand for an inclusive Asian Handicap betting platform. CMD368 has thus seized this opportunity and quickly became a top betting platform in the Singaporean market.

With the passage of time,the platform didn’t stop in just sports betting. As a progressive gaming platform, CMD368 Singapore propels itself beyond mere sports betting. By combining the best of both worlds, CMD368 agents has managed to build a solid name for itself as an established online casino. Its solid reputation in the bookmaking words, has made casino players trust it in no time. During the web casino peak, many Singaporean players felt neglected due to many limitations and technical problems e.g funding and withdrawal. Thanks to the arrival of CMD368, many newbies could now play casino games without restrictions. 

At this moment, CMD368 accepts mainly players from Singapore and nearby Asian countries. While it’s a medium-scale web casino, the gaming options compete nicely with those of larger platforms. We actually found that CMD368 exceeded our expectations with its user-friendly and interactive platform. To back this up, CMD368 is a fully licenced online casino regulated by the CEZA zone in the Philippines. CMD368 has also served as the formal DBR partner for Spanish Football League during the 2018-19 season.

If you are a football lover, you’ve probably heard the news that CMD368, Asia’s top online betting provider has shared a collaboration with ex FIFA World Cup and UEFA championship top player Robert Pires as its brand ambassador.

The iconic ex player will team up with CMD368 to market the brand in the Asian market for the upcoming Euro 2020 league and carry out various promotional actions to increase brand awareness across the area.

Voted and touted as one of the top players to play for Arsenal FC, Robert Pires has gained popularity because of its delicate and flawless finish. He was a great part of the “Invincibles” team that were undefeated during the 2003-2004 season and played essential roles in scoring the Premier League title at the time.

As a part of the collaboration, the ex-Arsenal footballer will fulfill a crucial role in the brand's promo campaigns. These will include a promo trip to Asia to get in touch with fans. Just go to S9WIN for all the latest news and updates.

Up to this moment, the company has a staff force of 200 employees, scattered across many countries. From its launch till present, CMD368 has managed to engage a large player pool.

The name of this betting host has spread beyond Asia and won over the rest of the world too. As one of the most established hosts, it has developed a solid reputation through the years of operation.

Here are some extra reasons why Singaporean players go for CMD368 as their trusted online casino.


The connection between the platform and its players is fully backed-up and encrypted. This is for guarding players against malicious threats e.g cyber attacks and id stealing. All the players’ personal info is handled with full privacy and encryption. To find out more about the manner CMD368 treats personal data, go to the platforms Terms & Conditions section. 


The platform has several special deals and promos for both newcomers and old members. It’s also profitable to stay updated on the latest promos and deals at the promo section. Just head to the promo section to find out more on the latest live casino promos. 

Customer Service

CMD368 has over 200 thoroughly trained and skilled employees for customer support. For a quicker reply and best user experience, it’s better to choose web-based communication methods e.g chat.

Live Chat

You can access this feature from the bottom part of every page. It’s the easiest way to speak with a customer service rep.

Instant Messaging

You can get in touch with a customer support agent through WhatsApp, WeChat, and Telegram. Players can simply enter their user ID to reach a customer service rep.


For regular support through email, clients can send their messages to: [email protected].

Singapore CMD368 Mobile FAQ

🎯 What is CMD368?

CMD368 is a well-known online casino in Singapore and other Asian countries.

📱 What games are offered in CMD368 mobile?

CMD368 mobile offers sports betting, live casino, slots, fishing and poker.

💰 How can I bet on sports?

As a CMD368 agent, just contact us and login to your account.

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